scanDoX - The Linux  Scanner Driver for your Fujitsu Scanner Linux scanner software certified by Fujitsu Germany
scanDoX - The Fujitsu Scanner Driver for Linux
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  The scanDoX-Layer

The scanDoX-Layer is the back-end of our scanner-interface.
To use this interface you have to use it' s Command-Line-Interface.


  The Command-Line-Interface ( CLI )

The Command-Line-Interface is an easy and common Linux way to use a programm.
All you have to do is just gather the parameters you want from the command scanDoX -h
scanDoX automatically recognices the scanner connected to the USB or SCSI -bus and gives you a list of the supported features. If more than one scanner is connected you have to add the device name of the scanner you want the parameters for.
Sounds complicated, but it isn't. Here are some examples.

This makes it easy to create a scannerfrontend because the only thing the programm has to do is to call scanDoX with a bunch of parameters.

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