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  How does it work?

I think the best way to tell you how it works is an example of a workflow.

  User actions What happens on the Server
1. Insert the pages you want to scan into the scanner.
Or call someone to do so if the scanner is out of reach.
2. Open your Browser. Open the InSANE startpage on the server. Apache is displaying the requested page
3. Select the right scanner (if there is more than one attached to the server)  
4. Choose the resolution, colors, duplex, etc
and click "Start Scan"
The InSANE cgi-script is parsing the given parameters to scanDoX.
scanDoX starts scanning.
InSANE fetches up the scanned images and displayes them in the Browser.
5. Click on the "download page" or "download all" button InSANE converts the scanned page to the imange format requested in the browser

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