scanDoX - The Linux  Scanner Driver for your Fujitsu Scanner Linux scanner software certified by Fujitsu Germany
scanDoX - The Fujitsu Scanner Driver for Linux
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FAQ about a Fujitsu Scanner ?

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Here' the place, where the frequently asked questions are listed we've been asked for several times.
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questions about a Fujitsu Scanner ?
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Which scanners are supported?

Answer:Click here for the actual List of supported Fujitsu Scanners for Linux


Why is there a scanDoX Logo in all my scans?

Answer:The scanDoX Logo in your scans can have different reasons: • It shows that you are using the 30 day trial version. In this case the logo is some kind of copyright information. • If you have a licensed version, but the logo shows up anyway. It indicates that your license file is broken, invalid, in the wrong place or has wrong permissions. (Is the files readable for the user that scans? Place the licence file at /etc/scanDoX/scanDoX.lic )


scanDoX reports busy, but all seems to be ok? I'm using a Tekram controller!

Answer:Some SCSI-Controllers, like the Tekram 390T or the Tekram 315U, not support SCSI scanners at all. This is a “bug” we can do nothing about.
Solution: Buy another controller, or penetrate the manufacturer with emails to upgrade the controller firmware.


How can I process my scanned images (rotate,scale,deskew...)

Answer:For time uncritical tasks you can use convert (from ImageMagic). The program is included in all common distributions. For time critical tasks ask for our upcoming scanDoX-pro product.


Is the source code distributed with the rpm?

Answer:No! scanDoX and the driver fujitsucert are NOT Open Source. The source code is contains confidential information from Fujitsu and can't be delivered. Under special circumstances the source can be reviewed for security reasons. Therefore it is necessary to sign two NDA (Non-disclosure Agreements), one with mü-tec GmbH and one with Fujitsu Ltd.


Can we change the source code or samples scripts delivered with the driver?

Answer:According to the licence contract you are not allowed to change anything. But if you want you can create your own scripts and programs based on the samples code. It is also possible to use the sane API without scanDoX but that’s your own risk!


Are RPM for older distributions available?

Answer:For some distributions we have RPMs available, or we are at least able to create them - just ask.


The scan speed of a Fujitsu M3093 is very slow at 300dpi.

Answer:Yes that’s correct, it a hardware issue. The scan speed is fast at 200dpi. With 300dpi it is very slow because of lack of internal cache memory. Solution: If you need 300dpi you need another scanner!


The created TIFF-files are very large. Can we reduce the size?

Answer:Yes, you can. Just try tiffcp (it is part of the tiff package). tiffcp -c g4 large.tif small.tif recudes the size of a BW-Tiff about 80 percent! You can also create multi page tiff files with that.


How can we speed up scanning using A4 landscape scanning on a A3 scanner.

Answer: Don’t use the sane/xsane landcape parameters, they are slow. Solution: Just define the X and Y parameters of scanDoX.


Can we produce PDF Files?

Answer:Yes, but not directly with scanDoX.
Try something like:
scanDoX --format tiff --batch=out%03d.tif
convert -compress LZW out???.tif all.pdf


We bought a licence but the nag image is still there!

Answer:This indicates that your license file is broken, invalid, in the wrong place or has wrong permissions. (Is the files readable for the user that scans? Place the licence file at /etc/scanDoX/scanDoX.lic ) (We know that this Question shows up two times, but we got lots of emails with this question :-)


How can I create a debug logfile?

Answer:Take a xterm: export SANE_DEBUG_FUJITSUCERT=5
cd /tmp
scanDoX -d fujitsucert:/dev/sg0 --format tiff 1>test.if 2>log.txt
You may increase the log-level up to 25.


Why you don't deliver the source code? Sane is under the GPL!

Answer:It is correct that sane is under the GPL.
You can get the source code from the SANE Homepage.
scanDoX and the fujitsucert modules are not under the GPL
SANE allows commercial developers to create there own hardware-drivers utilizing the SANE-API.


Why does contrast does not work on a fi-4120/fi-4122/fi-5110 in Lineart?

Answer:Because this device needs to set threshold Commandline sample (very dark! for fi-5110):
scanDoX -d fujitsucert:libusb:004:014 --batch --threshold 250 --format tiff


Why do I fine no USB scanner under SuSE 9.3 after Updating from 9.x and scann with user rights problem

Answer:Because a part of /etc/fstab is wrong.
usbdevfs /proc/bus/usb usbdevfs noauto 0 0
since SUSE LINUX 9.3 it must be:
usbfs /proc/bus/usb usbfs noauto,devmode=0660,devgid=1007 0 0
this sample gives gid number 1007 (we like a group name usbaccess)
user access to the scanner on the usbfs.
so hotplugging and scanning can be done with user rights!


Can't scann with user rights from scanner under SuSE 10.0

Answer:Because you need an entry in /etc/resmgr.conf.d/50-scanner.conf
add usb:vendor=0x1a2b,product=0x3c4d scanner


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