scanDoX - The Linux  Scanner Driver for your Fujitsu Scanner Linux scanner software certified by Fujitsu Germany
scanDoX - The Fujitsu Scanner Driver for Linux
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  Fuction key support

Our driver supports the whole range of function key usage as provided under Windows... and more.
You are able to create your own profiles, including macros.

Let me give you an example:
Imagine you have this scan jobs coming up periodically.
•  scanning all traditional in-box mails to a folder on the server in grayscale. For further paperless processing.
•  a color pictures for emails.
•  black and white documents for the ocr-software on your workstation.

How would you do this?
A lot of clicking and walking each time this jobs are coming up.
Quiet frustrating to do the same boring clicking every day.

Why not doing it this way:
•  Define Function 1 as: Scan grayscale with 200dpi duplex to the in-box folder on server XY.
•  Define Function 2 as: Scan color and send email to
•  Define Function 3 as: Scan halftone with 400dpi duplex to the ocr folder on workstation XY

The new workflow would look like this:
•  walk to the scanner with all the in-box mails.
Select Function 1.
Insert the first letter in the feeder.
Press Scan.
Insert the second letter.
Press Scan.
and so on.
•  Select Function 2.
Insert the image in the feeder.
Press Scan.
•  Select Function 3.
Insert the first document in the feeder.
Press Scan.
and so on.

You see this workflow is as simple as possible now.
Imagine how much time and money is wasted when you are clicking yourself through scannersoftware each time you want to do the same scanjob as yesterday.

With scanDoX you don't even need to turn the monitor of the scan-workstation on.

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