scanDoX - The Linux  Scanner Driver for your Fujitsu Scanner Linux scanner software certified by Fujitsu Germany
scanDoX - The Fujitsu Scanner Driver for Linux
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  Price list for the Fujitsu Scanner Driver for Linux

Price list for scanDoX Linux Scanner Driver Solution 03/2010


You get from us

The Installation of the SANE program package (Linux) with our Extensions for Fujitsu Scanners.
Installation via Internet / OpenSSH connection (fast and without additional costs)
Comfortable operation of the scanner via graphical Intranet interface (INSANE), a X11- frontend or via command line input.
You can choose between the scanner modes Lineart, Halftone, Gray, Color.
You get the result as TIF- JPG- PNM-file.
You need no special rights for normal scan operation.
Day-to-day costs: None – except power costs!
Scan as much as you want - we don't restrict you with page limitations!
You don't have to pay additional current license costs to us.


 Additional options

Integration of hardware compression (JPEG, TIFF G4)
Scan directly to TIFF-G3/G4 or JPEG
„Endoser“ control / integration
Scan into SQL Data bases
Scan into In-Boxes of 3rd Party Applications



Hardware requirements

Fujitsu SCSI or USB Scanner (SCSI 1 to 3)
Computer with x86 architecture (optionally available)
SCSI interface with correct termination (optionally available) preferably with Adaptec-Chipset (AIC7xxx)
or USB interface
Internet connection via SSH or dial-in access (i.e. ISDN) (optionally available)


(Other distribution may also work, but are untested)

Software requirements for scanDoX

(Program packages contents of Linux)
SuSE 10.0 / 9.x
RedHat 8.x
Root rights during installation (only temporarily necessary)
Normal scanning is done as normal user
Perl 5.x
GNU C-Compiler (only needed if special customization is desired)


Software requirements for InSane

(Program packages contents of Linux)
Opera, Mozilla or Netscape (for client tests)
Apache Webserver (with Mod-perl)



We don't let you alone after the setup of the system
but we offer the support, which you may desire.


Response times

Without arrangement by contract: 5 working days.
Other response times (24 hours / 7 days or as arranged) on request.
(Remote access via Internet (SSH) or Dial-in reduces the response times as well as the costs.)



 Single scanner license with installation support for      FUJ-SCANP-15c
     75.- EUR
 Single scanner license with installation support for      FUJ-M3093GX
     150.- EUR
 Single scanner license with installation support for      FUJ-M4099D
     300.- EUR


 Full installation prices



Remote base installation of scanDoX on a full functional SuSE- or RedHat-Linux (both at least on release 7.1)
(During the installation the scanner has to be available for verification.)
  700.- EUR
Base installation including SuSE-Linux 8.x as well as SANE and scanDoX.
(Means you send us a blank workstation and we do everything)
  1.200.- EUR

 Supplementary costs

Travel expenses, as thereby incurred According to costs*
Customer specific changes / extensions According to effort*
Each dial-in connection (i.e. via ISDN) will be charged with a connection lump sum:  
• Germany 15 Min . 5.- EUR
• EU (Europe) +CH 15 Min   10.- EUR
• Other countries   on request
* We calculate effort on the base of our hourly rate of 80 EUR. (Travel times 80 %)
Please add the currently and locally applicable VAT rate to our prices.


 Legal status



InSane and scanDoX were completely developed by mü-tec GmbH and are not subject of GPL ("free software")!
All rights upon the driver remain at us, even if you process our software or attach it to your products. This is also valid for patches of the Fujitsu drivers.
Our general terms and conditions are valid for all transaction:
Information about GPL:


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