scanDoX - The Linux  Scanner Driver for your Fujitsu Scanner Linux scanner software certified by Fujitsu Germany
scanDoX - The Fujitsu Scanner Driver for Linux
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  Decentralized Document Processing

scanDoX is not only capable of scanning fast and reliable, it is also capable of scanning to (nearly) everywhere you want it. No matter if scan to email, scan to fax, scan to PDF or scan to another workstation. sacDoX is that customable that it supports (with a little Linux knowledge or our help) any possible device, interface or network Linux supports. (And there are quiet a lot.)
Like Samba Fileserver for Windows and Macs.

We even support scanning via TCP/IP. With an add-ons called InSANE,

One of our customers for example is scanning directly to a shared folder on the network, so that an OCR-Software running under Windows can access, compute and store it.
(It would also be possible to scan directly to shared folder on the Windows-workstation. But we dissuade from doing so, because these clients incline to have a blue break from time to time. This may cause document loss.)

There are a lot more possible scenarios.
If you have any questions about connecting your existing system to scanDoX feel free to ask in the FAQ-section.

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