scanDoX - The Linux  Scanner Driver for your Fujitsu Scanner Linux scanner software certified by Fujitsu Germany
scanDoX - The Fujitsu Scanner Driver for Linux
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  The Application-Layer

The Application-Layer is the top end of our Driver model.
Sane calls this Application-Layer the front-end
The only way for an application to access the scanner is the Command Line Interface of scanDoX.
(Be sure you read this before)

This makes it easy to create a scanner-frontends because the only thing the client-program has to do is to call scanDoX with a bunch of parameters.
That way any program, that's able to call a linux system command is able to use the scanner.
The best example for this is InSANE, the scanner-frontend we are shipping with the driver.
InSANE is a cgi-programm that is running on an Apache-Webserver.

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