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  Download InSANE

At the very moment there is no downloadable stand-alone version of InSANE.
That's because of InSANE is still hardwired to the features of the Fujitsu scanners.
But we are working on a version, that is running with every scanner supported by SANE.
Meanwhile we ship InSANE with the sales version of scanDoX

  InSANE Update March 2006

Intentionally we've created InSANE because we wanted a convenient and user-friendly interface for our driver.
InSANE still is that, but now there are real good free web based SANE available which are now usable, because our driver is now (more) compatible with the SANE project.
InSANE caused us an unproportional amount of support time because of the complexity of setup (web server, access rights, privileges, security, samba,).
So we decided tostop the project and focus our powers to the development and support of ScanDoX.  
Link to SANE - Frontends or (Applications)

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